A wedding planning team serving brides in Gauteng, our passion is telling love stories through meaningful celebrations. We put our hearts and souls into our client’s planning experience, holding each wedding near to our hearts, and choosing the perfect design that reflects YOU.

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Can I say that flowers run through my veins?

Perhaps, poetically speaking. What I do know is ever since I was a baby, photo’s of me always contained a flower either in my hand or strategically placed somewhere near me. I was either picking one of eating one. I grew up in a family that planted roses and dahlias, so I guess my love for flowers came from family. I have grown from admiring flowers, to growing them to arranging them for myself and friends to becoming a qualified flower designer.

I have loved all these stages but none more than where I am now, helping brides to make their wedding flower dreams come true. I find myself in this very lucky position to do what I love and for that I want to thank my husband for his unwavering support in good and bad days leading up to establishing a business to be proud of and for my mother and grandfather for my flower-veins, I am extremely lucky to have grown up in your gardens.


Never thought that flowers would be my destiny!

I was pushed into the flower and wedding business rather than choosing it. Mom found out she had breast cancer two days before a wedding while busy arranging flowers. She pushed flowers into my hands and arms and told me to finish the arrangements, please. I was in my final exams at Uni, finishing a B-Com degree and never thought that flowers would be my destiny. It turns out that I loved working with them! While Mom is still the creative director, we make a great flower team and I get to use my business degree to run and administrate our business.

I am responsible for ordering new stock, meeting with clients to name a few of my responsibilities. I am also a photographer and run a mobile spray tanning salon using organic Vita Liberata products. While I might not have chosen this career path I believe that everything happens for a reason and that I am definitely living my destiny and the more I grow into this business that is flowers and pretty things, the more I love it.